2.2. The YaST Control Center

When you start YaST in the graphical mode, the YaST Control Center, as shown in Figure 2.1, “The YaST Control Center”, opens. The left frame contains the available categories. When you click a category, its contents are listed in the right frame. Then select the desired module. For example, if you select Hardware and click Sound in the right frame, a configuration dialog opens for the sound card. The configuration of the individual items usually consists of several steps. Press Next to proceed to the following step.

The left frame of most modules displays the help text, which offers suggestions for configuration and explains the required entries. To get help in modules without a help frame, press F1 or choose Help. After selecting the desired settings, complete the procedure by pressing Accept on the last page of the configuration dialog. The configuration is then saved.

Figure 2.1. The YaST Control Center

The YaST Control Center