12.8. The Replaced hotplug Package

The formerly used hotplug package is entirely replaced by the udev and the udev-related kernel infrastructure. The following parts of the former hotplug infrastructure have been made obsolete or had their functionality taken over by udev:


No longer needed or moved to /lib/udev


Replaced by the /sys/*/uevent trigger


Replaced by the blacklist option in modprobe.conf


Replaced by the udev rule RUN key


Replaced by the udev rule RUN key


Replaced by udevd listening to netlink; only used in the initial RAM file system until the root file system can be mounted, then it is disabled


Replaced by dynamic udev and static content in /lib/udev/devices/*

The following files and directories contain the crucial elements of the udev infrastructure:


Main udev configuration file


udev event matching rules


Static /dev content


Helper programs called from udev rules