32.2. Setting up SCPM

The following sections introduce you to SCPM configuration by means of a real life example: a mobile computer that is run in several different networks. The major challenges faced in this scenario are:

To get SCPM up and running and have it manage your changing system configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. Add the Profile Chooser applet to your panel and configure it to allow user switching as described in Section 32.3.1, “Configuring the Profile Chooser Panel Applet”.

  2. Configure SCPM using the YaST Profile Manager module as described in Section 32.3.2, “Configuring Basic SCPM Settings”.

  3. Create a profile for each of the different setups using SUMF (SCPM Unified Management Front-End) as described in Section 32.3.3, “Creating a New Profile”.

  4. Switch to the profile appropriate for your current situation as described in Section 32.3.4, “Switching Profiles”.

If you prefer to control SCPM with its command line interface, refer to Section 32.4, “Configuring SCPM Using the Command Line” for details.