12.5. Using the Address Book

Linphone offers to manage your SIP contacts. Start the address book with Go+Address book. An empty list window opens. Click Add to add a contact.

The following entries need to be made for a valid contact:


Enter the name of your contact. This may be a full name, but you can also use a nickname here. Choose something you easily remember this person as. If you choose to see this person's online status, this name is shown in the My online friends tab of the main window.

SIP Address

Enter a valid SIP address for your contact.

Proxy to Use

If needed, enter the proxy to use for this particular connection. In most cases, this would just be the SIP address of the SIP server you use.

Subscribe Policy

Your subscribe policy determines whether your presence or absence can be tracked by others.

To call any contact from the address book, select this contact with the mouse, click Select to make the address appear in the address field of the main window, and start the call with Call or Answer as usual.