25.6. Configuring LDAP Users and Groups in YaST

The actual registration of user and group data differs only slightly from the procedure when not using LDAP. The following brief instructions relate to the administration of users. The procedure for administering groups is analogous.

  1. Access the YaST user administration with Security & Users+User Administration.

  2. Use Set Filter to limit the view of users to the LDAP users and enter the password for Root DN.

  3. Click Add and enter the configuration of a new user. A dialog with four tabs opens:

    1. Specify username, login, and password in the User Data tab.

    2. Check the Details tab for the group membership, login shell, and home directory of the new user. If necessary, change the default to values that better suit your needs. The default values as well as those of the password settings can be defined with the procedure described in Section, “Configuring the YaST Group and User Administration Modules”.

    3. Modify or accept the default Password Settings.

    4. Enter the Plug-Ins tab, select the LDAP plug-in, and click Launch to configure additional LDAP attributes assigned to the new user (see Figure 25.6, “YaST: Additional LDAP Settings”).

  4. Click Accept to apply your settings and leave the user configuration.

Figure 25.6. YaST: Additional LDAP Settings

YaST: Additional LDAP Settings

The initial input form of user administration offers LDAP Options. This gives the possibility to apply LDAP search filters to the set of available users or go to the module for the configuration of LDAP users and groups by selecting LDAP User and Group Configuration.