11.4. Using Kopete

It is necessary to establish a connection to the Internet to be able to chat with other participants. When this is done, you should set your status by clicking File+Set Status+Online. This establishes a connection between Kopete and the selected messaging service. After the successful login, you are visible to others.

The main application windows features a list of contacts. You must have contacts to chat with others (see Section 11.2, “Adding Contacts” (↑Applications) for more information). When you right-click a contact marked as online, a menu opens with various options. Send that person a message or start a chatting session. A chat allows invitation of additional participants for real-time discussion. Connection to all participants is closed when the creator of the chat session closes it.

If you want to see your former chatting session, select a contact and go to Edit+View History. This menu item opens a dialog where you can search and view your chatting sessions with this person.

You can view other options by right-clicking a username. A pop-up menu opens. An important option is Start Chat to start a chatting session. With Rename Contact and Remove Contact, you can run the respective action. The pop-up menu also contains a submenu item with the username where you can block the user or get user information.