Chapter 11. Chatting with Friends: Kopete


11.1. Configuring Kopete
11.2. Adding Contacts
11.3. Adding Groups
11.4. Using Kopete

Kopete is an online messenger application allowing multiple partners connected to the Internet to chat with each other. Kopete currently supports all common messenger protocols, such as ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, SMS, Jabber, and IRC.

11.1. Configuring Kopete

Configure Kopete by entering your personal user data. Click Settings+Configure Kopete. With Accounts, enter your user data. You must register with a provider offering instant messaging services before using such service. Click New to open a configuration assistant that can assist you in completing your user profile.

The next step lists the available messaging services. Select the service with which you have registered and click Continue. Then enter the user data received on registration with the messaging service. This usually consists of the nickname or e-mail address and a password. Complete the configuration of the messenger account by clicking Finish.

Figure 11.1. Kopete Configuration Panels

Kopete Configuration Panels

The next item in the configuration dialog is Appearance. It influences how Kopete is displayed. Emoticons provides a selection of various types of smileys.

Use Chat window and Colors & Fonts to adjust the appearance of the chat windows for communication with other participants. Choose from the classic themes of the corresponding providers or create a custom theme by adjusting the font or color to your preferences.