3.6. Kontact for GroupWise Users

If you are used to working in GroupWise, you should have very little trouble adjusting to Kontact. The two programs share many concepts and provide many of the same services. This section discusses notable terminology differences, as well as some tips to help GroupWise users make the most of Kontact.

3.6.1. Terminology Differences

The following table lists some key terminology differences between Kontact and GroupWise.

Table 3.1. Kontact and GroupWise Terminology Differences





Busy search



Journal entries

Posted, nonposted items

An event without attendees is posted. If an event has attendees, it is a Sent item.



3.6.2. Tips for GroupWise Users

This section contains hints to help GroupWise users work with some of the differences between GroupWise and Kontact. Contact Information

You can add your GroupWise Messenger and e-mail contacts to your Kontact contact information. Then you can create an e-mail or open an instant messaging session with that contact by right-clicking the name in the Contact view. Color Coding

It is helpful to color code GroupWise items, as well as items from other sources. Color coding makes it easy to scan your e-mails, contacts, and other information for items from a particular source. Inviting Attendees to Events

Unlike GroupWise, Kontact does not automatically enter you as an attendee for events you schedule. Make sure that you remember to invite yourself.