3.4. Calendar

Kontact uses KOrganizer as its calendar component. To configure it, use Settings+Configure KOrganizer. With the calendar, enter appointments and schedule meetings with others. If desired, you can be reminded of upcoming events. You can also import, export, and archive calendars with the options in File.

Figure 3.4. The Kontact Calendar

The Kontact Calendar

3.4.1. Scheduling an Event

Add a new event or meeting with Actions+New Event. Enter the desired details. Under Reminder, specify the exact time (minutes, hours, or days in advance) when the attendees should be reminded of the event. If an event recurs, specify the appropriate interval. Another way to create an event at a specific point in the calendar is to double-click the corresponding field in one of the program's calendar views. This opens the same dialog window as that available from the menu. Alternatively, select a time range in the Calendar view and right-click.

Specify the attendees of an event by entering their data manually in the dialog or by inserting data from the address book. To enter data manually, select New. To import data from the address book, click Select Addressee then select the corresponding entries from the dialog. To schedule the event based on the participants' availability, go to Free/Busy and click Pick Date.

Use the Recurrence tab to configure an event that happens on a regular basis. Attachments can be convenient for linking other information with the event, such as an agenda for a meeting.

3.4.2. Adding Calendars

[Important]Groupware Calendars

The best way to add groupware resources is with Groupware Wizard, a separate tool. To use it, close Kontact then run groupwarewizard in a command line or from the Office group of the KDE menu. Select the server type, such as SLOX, GroupWise, or Exchange, from the list offered then enter the address and authentication data. The wizard adds the available resources to Kontact.

The calendar module can connect to multiple calendars simultaneously. This is useful, for example, to combine a personal calendar with an organizational one. To add a new calendar, click Add then select the calendar type. Complete the necessary fields.

The check boxes in front of the calendars show the activation status of each. To prevent the display of a calendar without deleting it, uncheck it. Remove deletes the selected calendar from the list.