4.6. Guides and Books

A broad range of guides and books are available for Linux topics.

4.6.1. SUSE Books

SUSE provides detailed and informative books. We provide HTML and PDF versions of our books in different languages. The PDF file is available on the DVD in the directory docu. For HTML, install the package suselinux-manual_LANG (replace LANG with your preferred language.) After the installation, find them in the SUSE Help Center.

4.6.2. Other Manuals

The SUSE help center offers additional manuals and guides for various topics or programs. More can be found at http://www.tldp.org/guides.html. They range from Bash Guide for Beginners to Linux Filesystem Hierarchy to Linux Administrator's Security Guide. Generally, guides are more detailed and exhaustive than a HOWTO or FAQ. They are usually written by experts for experts. Some of these books are old but still valid. Install books and guides with YaST.