8.5. Modifying the Appearance of Menus and Toolbars

Use the options in the Menu and Toolbar Preferences dialog to modify the appearance of menus, menu bars, and toolbars for GNOME-compliant applications. To access Menu and Toolbar Preferences, click Applications+Utilities+Desktop+Menus & Toolbars.

Select Show icons in menus to display an icon beside each item in a menu. Some menu items do not have an icon. Editable menu accelerators lets you assign different keyboard shortcuts to menu items. Select this option, highlight a menu item in any application, then press the keys you want to assign. The shortcut then appears on the menu. Click <— to remove a shortcut.

Detachable toolbars lets you move toolbars from application windows to any location on the screen. If you select this option, handles appear on the left side of toolbars in your applications. Click and hold this area then drag the toolbar to its new location.

Toolbar button labels lets you choose to display toolbar icons as Text only, Icons only, Text beside icons, or Text below icons. The default setting is Text below icons.