17.3. Managing Tags

Use tags to categorize any of your images to create manageable subsets of your collection. If, for example, you want some sort of order in your collection of portrait shots of your loved ones, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Browse mode of f-spot.

  2. In the left frame of the f-spot window, select the People category, right-click it, then choose Create New Tag. The new tags then appear as subcategories below the People category:

    1. Create a new tag called Friends.

    2. Create a new tag called Family.

  3. Now attach tags to images or groups of selected images. Right-click an image, choose Attach Tag, and select the appropriate tag for this image. To attach a tag to a group of images, click the first one then press Shift and select the other ones without releasing the Shift key. Right-click for the tag menu and select the matching category.

After the images have been categorized, you can browse your collection by tag. Just check People+Family and the displayed collection is limited to the images tagged Family. Search your collection by tag with Find+Find by Tag. The result of your search is displayed in the thumbnail overview window.

Removing tags from single images or groups of images works similarly to attaching them. The tag editing functions are also accessible in Tags in the top menu bar.