2.4. Calendars

Evolution can work with multiple calendars. With File+Import, import calendars in iCalendar format. Use the calendar to enter appointments and schedule meetings with others. If desired, set reminders to let you know when your scheduled appointments are going to start.

Figure 2.3. The Evolution Calendar

The Evolution Calendar

2.4.1. Adding Appointments

To add a new appointment to your calendar, click File+New+Appointment. Under the Appointment tab, enter the details for the appointment. Select a category, if desired, to ease searching and sorting later. Optionally, use Alarm to set an alarm so Evolution will remind you before your appointment starts. If the appointment occurs regularly, set the recurring dates under Recurrence. Click OK after all settings are made. The new appointment is then shown in your calendar.

2.4.2. Scheduling a Meeting

To schedule a meeting with other people, select File+New+Meeting. Enter information as you would for an appointment. Add the attendees in Invitations or Scheduling. To enter attendees from your address book, use Contacts to open a list of the contacts in your address book. Scheduling can also be used to schedule a time that fits all attendees. Press Autopick after configuring participants to automatically find a time.

2.4.3. Adding Calendars

GroupWise and Exchange calendars should be configured in the account configuration. To add additional local or Web calendars, select File+New+Calendar. Select the desired type and enter the required information.