17.6. Basic Image Processing with f-spot

f-spot offers several very basic image editing functionalities. Enter the edit mode of f-spot by clicking the Edit Image icon in the toolbar or by double-clicking the image to edit. Switch images using the arrow keys at the bottom right. Choose from the following edit functions:


Access this function with Edit+Sharpen. Adjust the values for Amount, Radius, and Threshold to your needs and click OK.

Crop Image

To crop the image to a selection you made, either choose a fixed ratio crop or the No Constraint option from the drop-down menu at the bottom left, select the region to crop, and click the scissor icon next to the ratio menu.

Red Eye Reduction

In a portrait shot, select the eye region of the face and click the red eye icon.

Adjust Color

View the histogram used in the creation of the shot and correct exposure and color temperature if necessary.

[Tip]Advanced Image Processing

Professional image editing can be done with The GIMP. More information about The GIMP can be found in Chapter 19, Manipulating Graphics with The GIMP (↑Applications).