About This Guide

This guide features a selection of the most important tools offered by your SUSE Linux. Learn which applications to pick for office tasks, browsing the Internet, enjoying your image or multimedia collections, and much more.

[Tip]Finding the Right Linux Application

If switching to Linux from Windows or MacOS and wondering which Linux application can replace the software you have been using so far, check out Appendix A, Getting to Know Linux Software (↑Applications).


Learn how to use the OpenOffice.org office suite and how to manage e-mailing, calendaring, and data synchronization with Evolution and Kontact. Beagle offers powerful desktop search capabilities.


Choose Konqueror or Firefox to browse the Web and learn how to use Linphone for Internet telephony. KGpg offers a means for handling GPG keys for file and e-mail encryption.


Learn about the various Linux sound applications, such as AmaroK and Banshee, radio and TV applications, and media burning with K3b.


Manage your digital image collections with f-spot or Digikam and use The GIMP for advanced image processing.

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