Part III. Multimedia


14. Sound in Linux
14.1. Mixers
14.2. Multimedia Players
14.3. CDs: Playback and Ripping
14.4. Hard Disk Recording with Audacity
14.5. Direct Recording and Playback of WAV Files
15. TV, Video, Radio, and Webcam
15.1. Watching TV with motv
15.2. Video Text Support
15.3. Webcams and motv
15.4. nxtvepg—The TV Magazine for Your PC
15.5. Webcam Operation with gqcam
16. K3b—Burning CDs or DVDs
16.1. Creating a Data CD
16.2. Creating an Audio CD
16.3. Copying a CD or DVD
16.4. Writing ISO Images
16.5. Creating a Multisession CD or DVD
16.6. For More Information