Chapter 9. The KGet Download Manager


9.1. Adding Transfers to the List
9.2. Timer-Controller Transfers

KGet is the download manager for KDE. It manages your transfers in a window. You can stop, resume, delete, queue, and add transfers. Start KGet from the main menu or by pressing Alt-F2 then entering kget.

When KGet is started for the first time, you can choose to have it integrated with Konqueror. If you integrate KGet with Konqueror, KGet is added to the system tray as an icon with a downward arrow. Click this arrow to view KGet transfers.

Figure 9.1. KGet


9.1. Adding Transfers to the List

To add a transfer, click File+Paste. Specify a URL then click OK. Finally, select where to save the downloaded file. The entry for the transfer is added to the main window of KGet and the download starts. Another way to add a transfer is to simply drag a file (for example, from an FTP server) from Konqueror and drop it in the main KGet window.

Modify the preferences for your downloads by clicking Settings+Configure KGet.