Chapter 6. Customizing Your KDE Desktop


6.1. Changing Individual Desktop Icons
6.2. Configuring Your Desktop with the Control Center

You can change the way your KDE desktop looks and behaves to suit your own personal tastes and needs. If you only want to change the appearance of individual desktop objects, you can usually access a configuration dialog by right-clicking the object. For customizing certain groups of desktops elements or changing the overall appearance of your KDE desktop, refer to Section 6.2, “Configuring Your Desktop with the Control Center”.

6.1. Changing Individual Desktop Icons

In the following, find some examples of how to change individual desktops elements.

Procedure 6.1. Creating New Desktop Objects

To add a new desktop object, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click an empty space on the desktop and select Create New.

  2. From the submenu, choose the type of object to create on the desktop: a folder, file, or one of several types of links.

  3. Enter the name of the new object when prompted to do so.

  4. To change the properties of the new object, right-click the new icon and select Properties. A dialog appears, showing four tabs where you can change the properties of the object, such as the permissions.

  5. Apply your changes and leave the dialog with OK.

Procedure 6.2. Changing Panel Elements

Add new elements to the quick launch area and the system tray in the panel as follows:

  1. Right-click an empty patch of the panel.

  2. To add a new application to the panel:

    1. From the context menu, select Add Application to Panel.

    2. Select the application to add from one of the categories of the submenu.

    3. Move the button to the desired position by dragging and dropping it with the mouse.

    4. To change the icon for the application, right-click the button and select Configure Application Button. By clicking the application icon in the dialog box that appears, open a new window in which to select a different icon.

  3. To add a new applet to the panel:

    1. From the context menu select Add Applet to Panel.

    2. In the dialog box that appears, you can restrict the number of applets shown by selecting a special type of applet in Show or by typing a part of the applet name in Search.

    3. Select the applet to add and click Add to Panel. The applet is inserted into the panel.