Chapter 8. The Web Browser Firefox


8.1. Navigating Web Sites
8.2. Finding Information
8.3. Managing Bookmarks
8.4. Using the Download Manager
8.5. Customizing Firefox
8.6. Printing from Firefox
8.7. For More Information


Included with your SUSE Linux is the Mozilla Firefox Web browser. With features like tabs, pop-up window blocking, and download and image management, Firefox combines the latest Web technologies. You can view more than one Web page in a single window. You can suppress annoying advertisements and disable images that only slow you down. Its easy access to different search engines helps you find the information you need. Start the program from the main menu or by entering the command firefox. The main program features are described in the following sections.

8.1. Navigating Web Sites

Firefox has much the same look and feel as other browsers. It is shown in Figure 8.1, “The Browser Window of Firefox” (↑Applications). The navigation toolbar includes Forward and Back and a location bar for a Web address. Bookmarks are also available for quick access. For more information about the various Firefox features, use the Help menu.

Figure 8.1. The Browser Window of Firefox

The Browser Window of Firefox

8.1.1. Tabbed Browsing

If you often use more than one Web page at a time, tabbed browsing may make it easier to switch between them. Load Web sites in separate tabs within one window.

To open a new tab, select File+New Tab. This opens an empty tab in the Firefox window. Alternatively, right-click a link and select Open link in new tab. Right-click the tab itself to access more tab options. You can create a new tab, reload one or all existing tabs, or close them. You can also change the sequence of the tabs by dragging and dropping them on a requested position.

8.1.2. Using the Sidebar

Use the left side of your browser window for viewing bookmarks or the browsing history. Extensions may add new ways to use the sidebar as well. To display the Sidebar, select View+Sidebar and select the desired contents.