Chapter 2. Evolution: An E-Mail and Calendar Program


2.1. Evolution Overview
2.2. Mail
2.3. Contacts
2.4. Calendars
2.5. Syncing Data with a Handheld
2.6. Evolution for GroupWise Users
2.7. For More Information


Evolution is a groupware suite that offers the usual e-mail features along with extended features, like task lists and a calendar. The application also provides a complete address book that includes the ability to send contact information to others in vCard format.

Start Evolution from the menu or press Alt-F2 and enter evolution. When started for the first time, Evolution offers a configuration assistant. Its use is described in Section 2.2.2, “Configuring Accounts” (↑Applications).

[Important]Microsoft Exchange Accounts

To use Evolution with Microsoft Exchange, you must install the ximian-connector package. Install it with YaST.

2.1. Evolution Overview

The default window view is shown in Figure 2.1, “The Evolution Window with Mail” (↑Applications). The available menus, menu items, and the icons in the toolbar vary depending on the open component. Use the left frame to select which information to display in the right frame (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, etc.). Adjust the size of the frames by dragging the dividing bars.

Figure 2.1. The Evolution Window with Mail

The Evolution Window with Mail

2.1.1. Mail

In this view, the upper half of the window shows the contents of the current folder. The lower half is a preview pane used to display the selected mail message. To display a different folder, select a folder from the folder list in the left frame.

Use the search bar to search the messages in a folder. To sort messages by a table header, click the desired header (To, Subject, Date). The arrow to the right shows whether the column is sorted in ascending or descending order. Click the column header until the messages are sorted in the desired direction.

2.1.2. Contacts

This view shows all the addresses in your address book. To locate a particular address, use the search bar or click the button to the right displaying the first letter of the contact's last name. Add contacts or lists with the toolbar.

2.1.3. Calendar

The initial display shows a view of the current day with the month and a task list shown in an additional pane to the right. Week, work week, and month views are also available from the toolbar or the View menu. Use the search bar to find an appointment that has been entered in the calendar. Add appointments and tasks using the buttons in the toolbar. You can also use the toolbar to page through the calendar or jump to a specific date.

2.1.4. Tasks

Tasks provides a list of tasks. Details of the selected task are shown in the lower part of the window. Use File+New+Task to add a new task. Search the tasks with the search bar. Assign tasks to others by right-clicking the task and selecting Assign Task. Open the task to add more details, such as a due date and completion status.