Chapter 18. Digital Cameras and Linux


18.1. Connecting to the Camera
18.2. Accessing the Camera
18.3. Using Konqueror
18.4. Using Digikam
18.5. For More Information


Managing photos from your camera can be fun if you have the right tools. Linux offers several handy utilities for sorting and organizing your photographs. These include gphoto2, Konqueror, Digikam, and f-spot.

A comprehensive list of supported cameras is available at If gphoto2 is installed, retrieve the list with the command gphoto2 --list-cameras. Get information about the available commands with gphoto2 --help.

[Tip]Unsupported Cameras

If you do not find your camera in the list from gphoto, do not despair. It is very likely that your camera is supported as a USB mass storage device. Find more information in Section 18.2, “Accessing the Camera” (↑Applications).

18.1. Connecting to the Camera

The fastest and most convenient way to connect digital cameras to the computer is USB, provided the kernel, the camera, and the computer support it. The standard SUSE kernel provides this support. A suitable cable is also required.

Simply connect the camera to the USB port and turn on the camera. You may need to switch your camera to a special data transfer mode. For this procedure, consult the manual of your digital camera.