Chapter 6. Support


6.1. Updating Novell AppArmor Online
6.2. Using the Man Pages
6.3. For More Information
6.4. Troubleshooting
6.5. Reporting Bugs for AppArmor

This chapter outlines maintenance-related tasks. Learn how to update NovellŽ AppArmor and get a list of available man pages providing basic help for using the command line tools provided by Novell AppArmor. Use the troubleshooting section to learn about some common problems encountered with Novell AppArmor and their solutions. Finally, get an overview of the support options provided with your copy of SUSE Linux.

6.1. Updating Novell AppArmor Online

Updates for Novell AppArmor packages are provided in the same way as any other update for SUSE Linux-based products. Retrieve and apply them exactly like for any other package that ships as part of a SUSE Linux product.