SUSE Linux


AuthorsJörg Arndt, Stefan Behlert, Frank Bodammer, James Branam, Volker Buzek, Klara Cihlarova, Stefan Dirsch, Olaf Donjak, Roman Drahtmüller, Thorsten Dubiel, Torsten Duwe, Thomas Fehr, Stefan Fent, Werner Fink, Jakub Friedl, Kurt Garloff, Joachim Gleißner, Carsten Groß, Andreas Grünbacher, Berthold Gunreben, Franz Hassels, Andreas Jaeger, Jana Jaeger, Klaus Kämpf, Andi Kleen, Hubert Mantel, Lars Marowsky-Bree, Chris Mason, Johannes Meixner, Lars Müller, Matthias Nagorni, Anas Nashif, Siegfried Olschner, Edith Parzefall, Peter Pöml, Thomas Renninger, Hannes Reinecke, Scott Rhoades, Thomas Rölz, Heiko Rommel, Tanja Roth, Marcus Schäfer, Thomas Schraitle, Klaus Singvogel, Frank Sundermeyer, Elisabeth Tobiasson, Hendrik Vogelsang, Klaus G. Wagner, Rebecca Walter, Christian Zoz
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About This Guide
1. Feedback
2. Additional Documentation
3. Documentation Conventions
4. About the Making of this Manual
5. Acknowledgment
I. Office
1. The Office Suite
1.1. Compatibility with Other Office Applications
1.2. Word Processing with Writer
1.3. Introducing Calc
1.4. Introducing Impress
1.5. Introducing Base
1.6. For More Information
2. Evolution: An E-Mail and Calendar Program
2.1. Evolution Overview
2.2. Mail
2.3. Contacts
2.4. Calendars
2.5. Syncing Data with a Handheld
2.6. Evolution for GroupWise Users
2.7. For More Information
3. Kontact: An E-Mail and Calendar Program
3.1. Kontact Overview
3.2. Mail
3.3. Contacts
3.4. Calendar
3.5. Syncing Data with a Handheld
3.6. Kontact for GroupWise Users
3.7. For More Information
4. Synchronizing a Handheld Computer with KPilot
4.1. Conduits Used by KPilot
4.2. Configuring the Handheld Connection
4.3. Configuring the KAddressBook Conduit
4.4. Managing To-Do Items and Events
4.5. Working with KPilot
5. Using Beagle
5.1. Indexing Data
5.2. Searching Data
II. Internet
6. Managing Internet Connections with KInternet
7. The Web Browser Konqueror
7.1. Tabbed Browsing
7.2. Automatic Scrolling
7.3. Profiles
7.4. Saving Web Pages and Graphics
7.5. Searching with Konqueror
7.7. Java and JavaScript
7.8. Enabling Advertisment Blockers
7.9. For More Information
8. The Web Browser Firefox
8.1. Navigating Web Sites
8.2. Finding Information
8.3. Managing Bookmarks
8.4. Using the Download Manager
8.5. Customizing Firefox
8.6. Printing from Firefox
8.7. For More Information
9. The KGet Download Manager
9.1. Adding Transfers to the List
9.2. Timer-Controller Transfers
10. Getting News with Akregator
11. Chatting with Friends: Kopete
11.1. Configuring Kopete
11.2. Adding Contacts
11.3. Adding Groups
11.4. Using Kopete
12. Linphone—VoIP for the Linux Desktop
12.1. Configuring Linphone
12.2. Testing Linphone
12.3. Making a Call
12.4. Answering a Call
12.5. Using the Address Book
12.6. Troubleshooting
12.7. Glossary
12.8. For More Information
13. Encryption with KGpg
13.1. Generating a New Key Pair
13.2. Exporting the Public Key
13.3. Importing Keys
13.4. The Key Server Dialog
13.5. Text and File Encryption
13.6. For More Information
III. Multimedia
14. Sound in Linux
14.1. Mixers
14.2. Multimedia Players
14.3. CDs: Playback and Ripping
14.4. Hard Disk Recording with Audacity
14.5. Direct Recording and Playback of WAV Files
15. TV, Video, Radio, and Webcam
15.1. Watching TV with motv
15.2. Video Text Support
15.3. Webcams and motv
15.4. nxtvepg—The TV Magazine for Your PC
15.5. Webcam Operation with gqcam
16. K3b—Burning CDs or DVDs
16.1. Creating a Data CD
16.2. Creating an Audio CD
16.3. Copying a CD or DVD
16.4. Writing ISO Images
16.5. Creating a Multisession CD or DVD
16.6. For More Information
IV. Graphics
17. Managing Images with f-spot
17.1. Downloading Pictures from Your Camera
17.2. Getting Information
17.3. Managing Tags
17.4. Search and Find
17.5. Exporting Image Collections
17.6. Basic Image Processing with f-spot
18. Digital Cameras and Linux
18.1. Connecting to the Camera
18.2. Accessing the Camera
18.3. Using Konqueror
18.4. Using Digikam
18.5. For More Information
19. Manipulating Graphics with The GIMP
19.1. Graphics Formats
19.2. Starting GIMP
19.3. Getting Started in GIMP
19.4. Saving Images
19.5. Printing Images
19.6. For More Information
A. Getting to Know Linux Software
A.1. Office
A.2. Network
A.3. Multimedia
A.4. Graphics
A.5. System and File Management
A.6. Software Development

List of Figures

1.1. The Writer
1.2. An Wizard
1.3. The Navigator in Writer
1.4. Base—Databases in
2.1. The Evolution Window with Mail
2.2. The Evolution Address Book
2.3. The Evolution Calendar
3.1. The Kontact Window Showing the Summary
3.2. The Kontact Mail Component
3.3. The Kontact Address Book
3.4. The Kontact Calendar
4.1. Configuration Dialog with the Available Conduits
4.2. KPilot Configuration
4.3. Dialog Showing the Path to a KOrganizer Calendar File
4.4. The Main Window of KPilot
5.1. Beagle Search
5.2. Using the beagle-query Command
7.1. The Browser Window of Konqueror
8.1. The Browser Window of Firefox
8.2. Using the Firefox Bookmark Manager
8.3. Installing Firefox Extensions
8.4. Installing Firefox Themes
9.1. KGet
10.1. Akregator Showing Some News
11.1. Kopete Configuration Panels
11.2. The Main Kopete Window
13.1. KGpg: Creating a Key
13.2. The Key Manager
13.3. Search Screen for Importing a Key
13.4. Hits and Import
13.5. Exporting a Key to a Key Server
14.1. The Mixer KMix
14.2. The GNOME Volume Control
14.3. Monitor and Digital Mixer of envy24control
14.4. The amaroK Media Player
14.5. Banshee Library
14.6. Track Properties Editor
14.7. Multitrack Editor
14.8. iPod List in Banshee
14.9. iPod Buttons in Banshee
14.10. Banshee iPod Properties
14.11. XMMS with Equalizer, OpenGL Spectrum Analyzer, and Infinity Plug-Ins
14.12. The KsCD User Interface
14.13. The GNOME CD player
14.14. Ripping Audio CDs with Sound Juicer
14.15. Ripping Audio CDs with KAudioCreator
14.16. Ripping Audio Data with Konqueror
14.17. Spectral View of the Audio Data
14.18. The Spectrum
14.19. QARecord—A Simple Hard Disk Recording Application
15.1. The TV Application motv
15.2. The Electronic TV Magazine nxtvepg
16.1. Creating a New Data CD
16.2. Customizing the Burning Process
16.3. Copying a CD
17.1. Importing Images to f-spot
17.2. f-spot's Main Window
17.3. Import from Camera
17.4. Exporting Images to a Web Gallery
17.5. Exporting Images to CD
18.1. The Main Window of Digikam
18.2. Downloading Pictures from Camera
18.3. Creating a Template for a Calendar
18.4. Results of Find
19.1. The Main Window
19.2. The Print Dialog

List of Tables

1.1. The Application Modules
3.1. Kontact and GroupWise Terminology Differences
A.1. Office Software for Windows and Linux
A.2. Network Software for Windows and Linux
A.3. Multimedia Software for Windows and Linux
A.4. Graphics Software for Windows and Linux
A.5. System and File Management Software for Windows and Linux
A.6. Development Software for Windows and Linux