17.2. Domain Installation

Each guest domain must be installed individually. For this, run the YaST module Virtual Machine Installation (Xen) in the Software group. In the following interface, provide all information that is needed to run the installer. This information is split into four categories:


Here, set the name of the guest domain, its memory resource, and boot options for the installer.


Choose to create a file system image or a real physical partition. The file system images are stored in the directory /var/lib/xen/images. Make sure that you have sufficient disk space in this directory.

Operating System

The operating system that should be used to install the guest domain. This system is selected in the YaST module Installation Source and cannot be set in this workflow.


Only bridged networking is supported by this module. Add the number of virtual network cards you need.

The next dialog starts the installation system after doing several setup tasks. This system is identical to a standard installation in text mode as described in Section 2.11, “YaST in Text Mode” (↑Start-Up).

If you need to change the configuration of a guest domain, you must do that directly in the configuration file. This file is located in /etc/xen and has a name identical to the name of the guest domain.