8.4. System Settings

System Settings configures network proxies, search and indexing, sessions, and sound settings.

8.4.1. Configuring Network Proxies

The Network Proxy Preferences tool lets you configure how your system connects to the Internet. You can configure the desktop to connect to a proxy server and specify the details of the server. A proxy server is a server that intercepts requests to another server and fulfills the request itself, if it can. You can specify the Domain Name Service (DNS) name or the IP address of the proxy server. A DNS name is a unique alphabetic identifier for a computer on a network. An IP address is a unique numeric identifier for a computer on a network.

8.4.2. Setting Search and Indexing Preferences

Use this module to set preferences for the Beagle search tool. On Search, click Start search & indexing services automatically to start the Beagle daemon when you log in. You can also choose the key strokes that display the Beagle search window by specifying any combination of Ctrl, Alt, and a function key, and you can determine the maximum number of results to display when a search is performed.

On Indexing, choose to index your home directory (selected by default), not to index your home directory, and to add additional directories to index. Make sure you have rights to the directories you add. You can also specify resources that you do not want indexed. These resources can include directories, patterns, mail folders, or types of objects.

For more information about Beagle, see Chapter 5, Using Beagle (↑Applications).

8.4.3. Managing Sessions

You can set session preferences and specify which applications to start when you begin a session. You can configure sessions to save the state of applications then restore the state when you start another session.

You can also use this preference tool to manage multiple sessions. For example, you might have a mobile session that starts applications you use most frequently when traveling, a demo session that starts applications used to present a demonstration or slide show to a customer, and a work session that uses a different set of applications when you are working in the office.

8.4.4. Setting Sound Preferences

Sound Preference controls when the sound server starts. You can also specify which sounds to play when particular events occur.