8.3. Personal Settings

Personal Settings lets you configure accessibility and assistive technology options, change your password, and customize keyboard shortcuts.

8.3.1. Configuring Accessibility Settings

The settings of this module facilitate the use of the keyboard for users with motion impairments. The module consists of the three tabs: Basic, Filters, and Mouse Keys. Before modifying settings, activate Enable keyboard accessibility features.

8.3.2. Configuring Assistive Technology Support

The GNOME desktop includes assistive technologies for users with special needs. These technologies include a screen reader, magnifier, and on-screen keyboard. To enable the technologies, first select Enable assistive technologies then select the technologies you want.

The gok package must be installed to get on-screen keyboard support. The gnopernicus and gnome-mag packages must be installed to get screen reading and magnifying capabilities.

8.3.3. Changing Your Password

Use this module to change your password. Specify your current password, specify your new password twice, then click OK. Using capitals, numbers, and symbols increases the security of a password.

8.3.4. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that provides an alternative to standard ways of performing an action. Use Keyboard Shortcuts to display the default keyboard shortcuts. You can customize the shortcuts to your preferences.

To change the shortcut keys for an action, click the shortcut for the action then press the keys to associate with the action. To disable the shortcut keys for an action, click the shortcut for the action then press <—.